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Getting Ready to Sell

Selling a home takes preparation, organization and professional marketing. This section will walk you through all the things you need to know to be fully prepared to sell your property, from understanding the housing market to choosing a real estate agent that will handle your home listing.

Selecting a Listing Agent

During the home selling process, a good real estate agent is worth his weight in gold. Choose an agent who is an expert on all things real estate in your neighbourhood: he should know your community, the home upgrades necessary to attract buyers, and all the intricacies of the transaction. From marketing your home to negotiating a price and closing the deal, the right agent for your needs will get it done right.


Determining Property Value

Buyers will “come on down” when “the price is right”! Set your asking price too high, and your house will be passed over; set it too low, and you could lose thousands on the sale. Determining the right home price is much more a science than an art, and emotional factors shouldn't stand in the way of sound financial judgment.

Market Analysis

When it comes to setting an asking price, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is crucial in determining the fair market value of your home. Provided by your real estate agent, the CMA will tell you everything you need to know about your local housing market, how much similar homes are fetching in your neighbourhood, and whether you're dealing with a seller's market.

Calculating Expenses & Costs

Be sure you’ve budgeted for all the expenses related to the sale of your house. You’d be surprised to learn how many costs can be overlooked during the home selling process: legal fees, tax adjustments, inspections and repairs, and even moving costs can really add up on your way to closing day.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Thinking about putting your house up for sale? Looking to get the best price for your property? Before preparing your home for presentation, consider a few projects that might help boost its value. In this section you'll discover ways to improve the look of your home now so you can have a higher asking price later.


Whether doing it yourself or hiring a professional, Royal LePage identifies the top renovations with the best return on investment.

Interior Preperation

Buyers want to easily imagine a house as their own, and it can be hard to see beyond a current owner's style.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to making your home as attractive as possible from the vantage point where most will get their first impression - the curb in front of your house.

When to Get a Home Inspection

Think of an investment in a house inspection as an investment in your peace of mind: buyers don't buy a home without one, and you shouldn't sell without one either. In addition, an appraisal will give you a sound idea of your home's worth in the current market, so you know what to expect when selling.

Ways to Make Your House Green

Many people "green" their homes to save energy and help the environment, but did you know green improvements can increase your home's value too?

Listing Your Home

Once you have decided to sell your home, you'll want to list your home with a real estate agent. The agent will ask you to sign a Listing Agreement - an official document granting the listing agent and his brokerage permission to represent you in the marketing and sale of your property. The articles in this section will give you the information you need to know when listing your home with a Royal LePage sales representative.

How Listing Agents Help

A good real estate agent will save you time and money when selling your home. Find out all the other things a listing agent can do for you, including ordering a property profile, preparing marketing materials, arranging for inspections and reports, following up with open house visitors, reviewing purchase offers, assisting in transferring utilities to the buyer, and more.

Understanding Agency

Agency law protects home sellers from conflicts of interest, and ensures your real estate agent or REALTOR ® serves you with care, integrity and loyalty. Brush up on the types of agency relationships, so you can select the listing agent that meets your particular needs as a seller.

Marketing Your Home

If you market it, they will come! No matter how attractive your home's features or asking price, you can't sell a house without a sound and suitable marketing plan. Your real estate agent must put their local market expertise to work to give your property maximum exposure, bringing in those coveted buyers.

Showing Your Home

In today's real estate market, it's becoming more and more clear that sellers need to do more than just required renovations before showing their home. And when it's time to get your house ready for those showings, there's just one thing to keep in mind: people don't buy houses, they buy homes. Making it easy for potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home is critical. Home makeovers and home staging help you do just that, and they can ultimately affect a home's market value: an attractive, well-maintained home sells quicker and for a higher price. In home staging, your goal is to decorate and groom your home to put its best features on display and make it more attractive to those demanding buyers. A small investment in cleaning supplies, neutral furnishings and organization can add thousands of dollars to your property value. And some proven last-minute tricks to appeal to visitors' senses at your open house can push those on-the-fence buyers to realize the grass is greener on your side and make an offer. The articles below will help you create that appeal and maximize your home's sale price.

Staging Your Home

The market has spoken, and the results are in: creating a positive first impression is key when selling your home. But where to start? And what to do with all that personal stuff and eccentric furniture that buyers just don't want to see? Cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing are critical, and optimizing furniture placement will give you the edge you need over competing sellers in your market.

Preparing for an Open House

You'll probably still be living in your house when your real estate agent starts hosting open house viewings. Having your home ready for those viewings and open houses at all times will save you from panicked last-minute cleaning sprees and potential offers lost because of sloppy housekeeping. And not to worry: putting the finishing touches on your interior need not be time-consuming.

Closing the Sale

What you need to know about dealing with offers and closing the deal is right here. Receiving, reviewing, negotiating and accepting an offer on your home all lead to closing: the preparation for transferring your property ownership from you to the buyer. There is no standard method for closing in Canadian real estate law. In some places, 'round table' closings bring all parties together at the closing table. In other areas, buyers and sellers complete the process through separate, individual appointments with their real estate lawyer. Your real estate agent will tell you what is customary in your area and help lead you through the entire process. Read more about offers, negotiating, engaging a real estate lawyer and paying closing costs below:

Types of Offers

What's the difference between a firm offer to purchase, and a conditional one? And what does that mean for you as a home seller? What details about your home are included in the offer, and how do you proceed if you're unhappy with them?

Reviewing Offers

So you've finally received an offer on your home. Before you start thinking your home sale is a done deal, there are some things to consider, such as the price offered, additional things the buyer asks for, special conditions that must be met, and your real estate agent's advice.

Negotiating and Counter Offers

You might have received an offer on your home that's satisfactory overall, but the devil is in the details: the offer could contain certain terms and conditions that you'd rather meet with some push-back. There are several ways you can respond to the offer; if you choose to counter-offer, follow some tried-and-true tips to negotiate the best possible compromise.

Consulting a Legal Professional

Selling a house involves a lot of your money, numerous people, service providers, government and paperwork. Mistakes can be costly, which is why you need a real estate lawyer. He or she will ensure your home selling process is done according to the law, and that every legal document you sign is prepared with your best interests in mind.

Closing Cost for Sellers

Closing day is exciting, but don't forget to budget for closing costs. Closing costs are fees that must be paid before your home sale is officially complete. This article lists some common expenses that are the seller's responsibility before the big day.

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